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IELTS is a very different type of test for Bangladeshi students, firstly because our SSC, HSC, Honors courses are basically memorization-oriented i.e. we memorize answers to questions and we pass such exams writing from their memories and thus we are not used to take any test that has no fixed syllabus, or textbooks. Remember the books available at Nilkhet are simply guidebooks which contain some tips and practice tests and these books will not help you much in your IELTS exam, they will get you oriented with the test, at most.

Are 6+ scores very difficult to achieve for our students? No. If you have an average level of English proficiency you may score 6 or 6+ in just few days’ preparation! We won’t ask you to sign up with our course and later on get you enrolled in 3 or 4 other unnecessary courses, such as Practical Spoken Course, Phonetics Course, and Basic Writing Course etc., just to rip you off. Moreover, you will not definitely need 6/7 months to prepare for IELTS to score +, just few days’ smart preparation will raise your score significantly!

The easiest way to score 6+:

To achieve an overall score of 6 or better, we suggest you focus mainly on Speaking and Writing components of the test as it is possible to raise your quickly in these two sections. There are very specific approaches to write an IELTS easy (Task 2) or describe a graph (Task-1) which you need to learn. We will disclose ‘secrets’ of writing these tasks and you will see the wonders! Similarly, there are ‘secrets’ as well for raising your score quickly in the speaking section! There are only limited numbers of questions the examiner will ask you and we have the list of such questions and we will prepare you so that you can give answers to these questions which will satisfy the examiner.

Our International Language & Study Support Center division language tests preparation programs tailored to assist clients in meeting the language proficiency requirement for their visas & immigration, professional recognition and school admission in USA , UK, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, China, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Cyprus, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Finland.

Course fee:

Fee: 10000 BDT,

Duration: 3 Months

Class: 3 Days/Week

Materials: Free of Cost

Mock Test: 10-15 Test. (Free of Cost)

Capacity: 5-7 Students per Class, It’s like Private IELTS Preparation Program.

Class Start: Beginning of Each Month


The Classes are taught by Expert IELTS Teachers,

Finally, we can assure you to get a better score as per your requirement, hence, if you need any suggestion regarding your IELTS

For more details please feel free to contact us:

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