Job In Mauritius


Since independence in 1968, Mauritius has developed from a low-income, agriculture-based economy to a middle-income diversified economy with growing industrial, financial, and tourist sectors. For most of the period, annual growth has been 5-6 percent, far above the sub-Saharan African average. Despite the rapid growth, that growth has been equitable and income equality has improved as its Gini coefficient fell from 0.457 to 0.389 between 1980 and 2006. This has been reflected in increased life expectancy, lowered infant mortality and improved infrastructure.


Eligibility to apply for a Work Permit

  1. An employer based in Mauritius should apply for a work permit in respect of an expatriate who will be employed to do a specific job for the employer on a full time basis. The work permit is non-transferable.
  2. An overseas company cannot make an application for work permit unless it is incorporated in Mauritius as a foreign company, under the Company Laws of Mauritius.
  3. Recruitment Agencies are not authorized to apply for work permits on behalf of a company. All applications for work permit should emanate from the company concerned.
  4. Any employer applying for a work permit for the first time should submit the application together with the following documents: – (a) A Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the company; (b) A duly filled in data sheet.
  5. Employers wishing to employ skilled workers should apply for and obtain a permission in principle to recruit expatriate skilled workers before submitting applications for work permit.
  6. Expatriates married to Mauritians do not require a work permit.
  7. Models and professional entertainers including theatre, motion, picture, radio or television artistes, and musicians are no longer required to apply for a work permit for the purpose of performing public shows, or public broadcast for an aggregate maximum of 90 days (continuously or not) in any one calendar year.


1.2 Application Forms and Application documents to be submitted all applications for Work Permit should be submitted on the prescribed form which is available both at the reception counter of the Employment Division

Applications for both Work Permit and Residence Permit should be made simultaneously. A Residence Permit Counter is located at the Employment Division next to the Work Permit Counter.

Documents to be attached:-

New Applications

  • 4 Passport size photographs;
  • copy of relevant parts of passport showing name, date of birth, place and date of issue of passport, photo, passport number and movement;
  • certified copy of academic and professional qualifications and details of work experience to be submitted in either French or English;
  • the job profile;
  • A provisional medical clearance in favour of each expatriate obtainable from the Ministry of Health (See Annex 1).
  • Employers should indicate whether they have advertised the post. The posts should be advertised in two leading newspapers in A5 size and the number of workers required for each post should be specified.
  • Employers who apply for groups of workers should imperatively submit fire and health clearances in respect of dormitories at the time of application.

Applications for Renewal

  • Two passport size photographs
  • Documentary evidence from the employer certifying that the expatriate will earn a monthly salary of more than Rs 30,000. OR Contract of Employment duly vetted by the Ministry of Labour Industrial Relations and Employment (Labour Division) in respect of expatriates earning Rs 30,000 or less than Rs 30,000 per month.
  • Employers should indicate whether they have advertised the post. Incomplete applications, that is, which are not accompanied by the documents as mentioned above, will not be accepted. NOTE : Offshore Sector Applications for work permit (new and renewal) should be submitted through the Financial Services Promotion Agency Freeport Sector Applications for work permit (new and renewal) should be submitted through the Freeport Unit of the Board of Investment

1.2.1 Additional documents to be submitted in respect of the following sectors/Professions


  • Evidence from the Bank certifying transfer of funds from abroad
  • Letter from Registrar of Companies certifying number of shares acquired by investor
  • Certificate of Investment

Football/Basket Ball/Volley Ball Players

  • Covering letter from Employer
  • Letter from respective sports Federation
  • Clearance-International Transfer Certificate



Restaurants applying for Work Permit in respect of Cooks/ Chef should submit a copy of the Tourism Enterprise License (TEL) together with the applications for Work Permit.

Fishing Sector

All applications for work permit in respect of expatriates who would be employed on fishing boards and vessels should be accompanied by the Certificate of Competency.

1.2.2 Additional documents to be submitted in respect of Bangladeshi Workers:

(a) The applications should be accompanied with:

  1. Photocopies of passports
  2. Photocopies of Certificates of Marriage (Civil and Religious) if any


The above documents should be duly certified by the relevant Ministry/Authority in Bangladesh

(b) The recruiting agents should be duly certified and authorized to recruit workers in Bangladesh

(c) Employers should also submit the name and address of the recruiting agents and produce relevant documents to certify that the agents are authorized by the relevant Authority in Bangladesh to recruit workers

  1. d) Whenever any case of discrepancy is noted with regard to recruitment conducted by any recruiting agent, no further applications for work permits involving the agent would be considered. Legal action would be initiated against the recruiting agent or the employer.