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Depending on your purpose of visit or stay, the visa you need and the procedures required to apply for and renew it are for all their similarities significantly different. Don’t take chances with your visa, it’s what allows you to be in this great country. Just remember, however, that a Visa alone does not guarantee your status of residence, it is Landing Permission that is stamped into your passport by immigration officials at your port of entry into Japan that serves as the legal basis for your stay in Japan.

Getting a Visa

When applying for a visa from overseas first check what special arrangements your country has with Japan. Each country has different arrangements with Japan that affect the length of stay and the visa eligibility prerequisites. Consult your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate for further details. If you will arrive to Japan as a tourist depending on your nationality you might not need a visa. Read more about this under Tourist visa.

Working visas

The category of working visa has 14 different Status of Residence depending on the kind of the work that will be done. The term of residence usually granted is 1 or 3 years. When you apply for a work visa you will need to submit documents to prove the intended activity. The required documents are different depending on which Status of Residence you fall under. You are not allowed to engage in work that falls under another type or category other than that allowed under your Status of Residence. If you have a Certificate of Eligibility you are sometimes not required to submit other proof of the purpose of your stay.

The documents you need to submit are more or less the same within the same group category of visas (status of residence).

For a working visa (status of residence), you will need to submit:

  1. Application form
  2. Contract with your employer, letter of appointment, invitation letter, or any other documents to prove your activities, position, salary, period of time you will need to stay in Japan, etc.
  3. Company’s certificate of registry (Tokyo Tohon)
  4. Company’s most recent financial statements (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement)
  5. Company’s withholding tax report
  6. Description of the company’s activities (brochure, catalogues, printed web pages…)
  7. Your CV/resume
  8. Certificates of degree, certified transcripts, certificates of diploma, training, awards or qualifications
  9. Documents to prove your previous working experience (letters from your former employers, etc.)
  10. Portrait photo (3cmx4cm)

There could be other necessary documents depending on each case.


Visa renewal in Japan

All the visas (status of residence) except for Permanent Resident have a certain period of stay and need therefore to be extended if you wish to stay longer.

The application for the visa renewal is to be submitted at the nearest Immigration office. There is no limit for the number of extension that can be granted (except for some types of visa such as Trainee and Cultural Activities), as long as you meet all the requirements.

Once the application for the visa renewal is submitted, your current visa is automatically extended for 2 months, during which time the application is processed and the result is notified.

It is possible to travel outside of Japan while the application for the visa renewal is being processed as long as you will come back to Japan before the end of this 2 months extension.

In case your application is rejected, a new temporary status will be given, which will allow you to prepare for the departure.

If you return to Japan 2 months after the visa expiration date, your visa will be cancelled even if the renewal application is in process.

*Visa and work permit regulations are subject to change at short notice and expats should contact their respective embassy or consulate for the latest details.


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